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For the storage, transportation, treatment and management of blood, plasma and pharmaceuticals

Rotational Moulding for Cost Effective Manufacturing of Hollow Parts

Rotational Moulding / Rotomoulding is a process for producing hollow parts by placing a resin, normally in the powder form into a mould and then rotating the tool in multiple axes in an oven until the powder melts completely and coats the inside of the mould cavity. This is followed by cooling the mould which solidifies the product and is then taken out for further processing. At B Medical Systems, we use the rotational moulding technique to manufacture the precision

line refrigerators, freezers and cold chain equipment.

The key properties of the polypropylene are:

• Resistance to absorbing moisture

• Good chemical resistance over a wide range of bases and acids

• Good fatigue resistance and high flexural strength

Using rotational moulding helps in:

❶ Lower Cost for the product: Greater manufacturing flexibility due to the ability to produce

many products in a short lead time in various shapes, results in lower cost

❷ High Quality and Robust Products: Uniform wall thickness due to the rotational moulding,

along with the lower thermal conductivity, resistance to chemicals and moisture and high

tensile strength of Polypropylene helps to produce robust and high quality products

Read the Technical Paper here:

New Innovative Products
New Innovative Products

Product Launch

Precision line models for Medical Refrigeration and Blood Management Solutions

Rotational Moulding for Cost Effective Manufacturing of Hollow Parts

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