New vaccine cold chain equipment qualified for CCEOP

B Medical Systems
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B Medical Systems is delighted to announce that its icelined vaccine refrigerator/waterpacks freezer TCW 2000 AC satisfies the high performance standards required to be listed on the Cold Chain Equipment Optimisation Platform (CCEOP).

“Providing innovative and reliable vaccine cold chain equipment has been at the core of our business for over 35 years. At B Medical Systems, we have always put a strong emphasis on research and development in order to deliver robust solutions on which governments and health organizations can rely to ensure the success of their vaccination campaigns”, comments Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems.

According to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, up to 90% of health facilities in a number of countries (with Gross National Income per capita below or equal to US$ 1,580 on average) are not equipped with adequate cold chain equipment. GAVI established CCEOP to counter this tendency and improve vaccination coverage through better temperature control. The platform provides assistance in the purchase of technologies that meet WHO Performance, Quality and Security requirements, but also present advanced technological features as well as a high level of performance and low operating costs.

B Medical Systems’ TCW 2000 AC complies with these requirements. The medical device, which combines an icelined vaccine refrigerator and a waterpacks freezer, was tested for robustness in tropical conditions with temperatures ranging between 10° and 43°C. On top of this, it is been specifically designed to keep vaccines cool and safe providing a Grade A Freeze protection, even if power is out for more than 24h.

Under CCEOP, suppliers are also entitled to handle on-site logistics, installation and training. Through a global network of 150 partners, B Medical Systems is able to provide full services within the shortest timeframe.

Other devices that fulfil the CCEOP-requirements are the following:

o TCW 15 SDD


o TCW 40 SDD


o TFW 40 SDD

o TCW 2043 SDD

o TFW 3000 AC

o TCW 3043 SDD

o TCW 4000 AC

o TCW 4000 SDD

o Ultra 16 SDD

The PQS (code E003/014) is available on WHO website.

B Medical Systems supports vaccination program in RDC with high-end cold chain equipment
B Medical Systems supports vaccination program in RDC with high-end cold chain equipment

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