NEW: medical sterilizer by BAUMER

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The ideal equipment for thermo-sensitive products such as medical devices among others. It presents high efficiency, low cost in the operation and greater safety.



Clean cycle. Harmless to user and dispenses specials elements of protection for not producing toxic gas.

Eliminates the use of water.

Easy to install and maintain.

Shorter cycles that reduce energy consumption.

Does not contaminate the soil.

The sterilizers by hydrogen peroxide Baumer are the only with oil free technology .

Different from other models available in the market, with vacuum pump oil (wich generates a residue highly polluting and hard to control), the new equipment version uses dry pump free of fluid, making it environmentally friendly, besides saving electric energy.

When it comes to sustainability and respect for the environment, is unbeatable in its segment.

NEW: medical sterilizer by BAUMER

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