NEW: medical sterilizer by BAUMER

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Sterilizer permits most modern sterilization concepts application sterilizations centers, hospitals, industry, medical and industrial laboratories.

Sterilization process occurs either by high pulsating vacuum air removal, using pressurized saturated steam or by low temperature steam sterilization plus formaldehyde as sterilizer agent.



Touch Screen Display.

Redundancy in parameters control for safety.

Accuracy in process control.

Processes wide and assorted range of materials in high and low temperature.

Ergonomics and easy maintenance.

Helps user to certificate the process.

Flexible settings for all variables.

Allows configuration and memorizing of several sterilization cycles.

Accepts loads with baskets and containers DIN or ISO standard.

Anti crush system.

Totally compliant with GMP

NEW: medical sterilizer by BAUMER

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