BINDER launches a new CO2 incubator on the market

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BINDER launches a new CO2 incubator on the market

BINDER´s new C 170 CO2 incubator with an interior volume of 170 liters has been designed for standard applications in the cell culture laboratory. When stacked, it offers maximum usable space with a minimal footprint, which makes working in a laboratory not only safe, but also convenient and efficient.

CO2 incubators have a fundamental role to play whenever cell cultures are involved in scientific, medical, and even industrial research laboratories. BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has designed a unit for all standard applications in cell culture laboratories in the form of the new C 170 gassed incubator. The C 170 is the successor to the popular C 150 model and boasts a larger interior volume of 170 liters by comparison. What's more, the lower height of these units makes them easy to stack, striking the perfect balance between footprint and usable space to really stand out from the crowd. Two units stacked on top of each other only reach a height of 1.80 meters, making them extremely convenient to use with readily accessible usable space.

As with all BINDER CO2 incubators, the C 170 also has a highly effective decontamination concept. And with routine auto-sterilization of the interior using hot air at 180°C, you can rest assured of absolute sterility. The seamless, deep-drawn inner chamber is made of stainless steel with rounded edges. It also comes complete with an innovative, two-part rack frame without the need for screw connections, making it child's play to remove. The interior concept reduces potentially contamination-prone surfaces to a minimum, and the level of cleaning effort is significantly lower in comparison to systems with interior fans, saving both time and money.

Mammal cells are highly sensitive to their environments. It is therefore essential to establish uniform growth conditions throughout the entire incubator chamber and for the duration of a trial series. With its uniform temperature distribution, the VENTAIR™ air jacket system from BINDER guarantees optimal conditions for cultivating cell and tissue cultures. What's more, rapid recovery times minimize the likelihood of cell degradation when opening the door. The C 170 also has a drift-free CO2 measuring system with infrared sensor technology. The gas mixing jet with Venturi effect offers rapid gas Distribution.

BINDER launches a new CO2 incubator on the market

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