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High-throughput Nucleic Acid Detection Workstation

Nucleic Acid Detection


Efficient &Precise

Automated mechanical operation to reduce human error

Equipped with a fast PCR system to improve experimental efficiency

Samples In, Results Out

The nucleic acid detection pipeline solution realizes from sample input to

Full automation of results analysis.

Daily Detection Capacity ≥ 6000 tubes

4-channel independent capping machine, 4-channel high-precision pipetting, can complete the processing of 96 samples within 30 minutes.

Sample zero contact

It can complete the loading of the original tube, capping and sub-cup, nucleic acid extraction, PCR system

The whole process of construction and amplification detection is automated, avoiding manipulation

The staff has direct contact with the samples to be processed.

Introduction(This set of assembly line scheme is mainly composed of the following 4 parts)


  • J525+X7Q, Jinan, China, 250102