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It is easy to make visits to nursing homes with the lightweight SMART-PORT Premium

BPR Swiss
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The cleverly designed SMART-PORT Premium integrates the most important functions and drives of a treatment unit into a single case weighing only 11 kilos. With its 2015 version of the SMART-PORT Premium featuring its new patent-pending suction system, BPR Swiss has marked yet another advance in the field of portable treatment units.

To operate the SMART-PORT Premium, it is only necessary to plug it in to the power ¬supply. Then this lightweight among treatment units makes even continuous operation possible without any problems. The built-in electric motor with an LED light and 30 freely selectable programs and the EMS electric scaler with LED light, which is also built-in, ¬have the same full functionality as the instruments in the treatment unit at your dental clinic. The high performance of the SMART-PORT Premium is completed by the new, highly efficient, patent-pending BPR Swiss suction system. The clever design allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the unit. As an additional advantage, the SMART-PORT Premium has a remarkably quiet oil-free compressor (48 dB!). The design for optimum portability and the attention to detail is the fruit of twenty years of experience by BPR Swiss in the field of portable dental units. The SMART-PORT Premium from BPR Swiss is a great innovation, executed with Swiss quality workmanship.

For more information or advice about the SMART-PORT Premium:

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It is easy to make visits to nursing homes with the lightweight SMART-PORT Premium

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