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Vero® integrates both innovative imaging and positioning capabilities. Treatments can be performed with dual-diagnostic kV X-Ray for simultaneous stereo imaging, 6D patient positioning, verification at any gantry angle and at any time during treatment. Set-up and verification time is saved with dual-source¹ Cone Beam CT and stereo fluoroscopy allows real-time imaging of moving targets providing 3D position.

- Real-time, six dimensional exact patient position with a wide array of imaging capabilities including dual-diagnostic kV X-Ray for simultaneous stereo imaging

- Verification of patient position at any time and at any gantry and ring angle

- Fast set-up and verification with dual-source* Cone Beam CT

- Real time imaging of moving targets with stereo fluoroscopy providing 3D position


Vero provides high accuracy for treatment delivery, even with moving targets. Core features, such as sophisticated and versatile image-guidance, verification tools and the first-of-its-kind gimbaled irradiation head with tilt functions—for isocentric and non-isocentric¹ treatments deliver targeting confidence. With built-in fluoroscopy, tumor areas can be treated dynamically in real time—even as they move in parallel with breathing and digestion—with uninterrupted beam delivery. Vero possesses an innovative imaging feedback system to deliver high quality, targeted and truly individualized treatments.

- Enables confident treatment of moving targets and high accuracy dose delivery

- Motion management with versatile image guidance and verification tools and gimbaled irradiation head with tilt functions for isocentric and non-isocentric¹ treatments

- Uninterrupted dynamic moving tumor treatment with proprietary real-time stereo fluoroscopy

- Targeted, individualized delivery of treatments with continuous tracking; incorporates anatomical changes and breathing cycles with closed-loop feedback system


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