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The 12-Lead Portable ECG Draws Attention in 2018 MEDICA

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And Awarded by Taiwan Excellence 2019

BriteMED® 12-Lead portable ECG, winner of 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award, was officially launched at MEDICA 2018, Dusseldorf. It has been used and successfully applied to home medical care service in Taiwan. It also draws attention in MEDICA due to the portable advantage for doctor visit and telemedicine care applications.

The palm size of BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG with only 157.5g light weight is convenient for doctors to monitor patients' heart conditions on the move, with the flexible accessory options. Simply connecting to the existing PC and managing patients’ records by the accompanying software, printed in general A4 papers or stored in PNG format for email communication, benefit doctors for instant and quality healthcare service and saving costs at the same time.

We are looking for distribution partner to promote this user-friendly device to the international market. Hope more patients in rural area will be cared by ECG screening in doctor visit service. This is the mission since BriteMED's establishment- Celebrate Humanity With Technology!

The 12-Lead Portable ECG Draws Attention in 2018 MEDICA

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