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Enhance the Precision of Endoscopic Images

BriteMED Technology Inc.
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Installation case in Gastrointestinal endoscopy room in Taiwan

An endoscopy procedure is performed for visualizing the conditions to examine the interior of the body. The endoscopy system requires an endoscopy display for clear visualization to make a diagnosis. Image sharpness, color performance, brightness, and the compatible video inputs are required to display the quality and precise images that assist doctors to make decision during the surgery and examination procedure.

“Nowadays, the big monitor size is more available in the market. It’s challenging to find a cost-effective 21” medical display which has traditional analog inputs to replace the old CRT monitor for small clinics with limited budget. It’s good to find the BriteMED® 21” medical display which is equipped with S-video video inputs to be compatible with our endoscope system. The slim mechanic design enables suitable installation on the cart in the space-limited examination room. Besides, the display quality is recognized by the director of Gastroenterology and the image is precisely reproduced during the examination process that assists diagnosis.“ Emphasized by Ms. Lin, the technical manager of Welmore Co.,Ltd, the sole agent of Fujinon Endoscope System in Taiwan.

The color saturation, sharpness, and color temperature of MMS-21CA is specifically adjusted to ensure the precision of image displayed during the examination process. The unique loop-through technology allows synchronized imaging in different locations, satisfying the demand of medical education and consultation purpose.

Enhance the Precision of Endoscopic Images

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