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A Great Resting PC ECG for Tele-cardiology Application

BriteMED Technology Inc.
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12-Lead Portable PC ECG Enhances a Quick Cardiac Prescreening Procedure

With the trend of aging society and growth of chronic diseases, cardiovascular illness becomes popular for elderly and mid-aged people. Since the symptoms of each cardiovascular disease vary a lot, cardiac prescreening by a 12-lead resting ECG is important to decide the follow-up examination and medical treatment. However, long waiting list and high readmission rate in the hospital are always problems that keep the regular operation far from efficiency. How to deliver quality care service with the balance of efficiency is always a challenge for medical facilities.

Thanks to the help of ICT that shortens the response time when an abnormality is found. After Gps give patients resting ECG measurement, all ECG records are stored in the PC and sent to remote cardiologists for diagnosis and management by a well-established PHR system. The diagnosis and advice will be sent back to Gps to decide the further examination and the medical treatment. The leverage of ICT resources in tele-cardiology application allows hospital centers to focus on highly specialized care and transfer the routine tasks to local clinics. This further increases the efficiency and provides better healthcare quality through good interaction between Gps and cardiologists.

The BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG is a good choice for measuring real-time 12-lead resting ECG in the clinic to pre-screen the cardiac symptoms. The PC-based design enables the real-time 12-lead ECG waveform display on the computer, making the ECG small and lightweight for mobile clinic use. The ECG report is saved as a picture file in the computer, facilitating data exchange and teleconsultation with the remote cardiologists to get quick diagnosis and treatment advice. BriteMED also provides the API to the application developer to quickly integrate the ECG to their tele-diagnosis applications. The peripheral devices, such as touch panel PC and telemedicine cart are optional for a complete tele-diagnosis and tele-consultation solution.

BriteMED® Tele-cardiology Workstation
BriteMED® Tele-cardiology Workstation

1. All-in-one, easy-to-operate workstation 2. Shareable report format for advanced consultation 3. Open API for quick system integration

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