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A High-Resolution Touchscreen Control Terminal for Medical Modalities

BriteMED Technology Inc.
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The BriteMED FHD 21.5" Touch Screen Medical Monitor

Robot-assisted surgery brings less fatigue for surgeons by well controlling the instruments on the surgical robots. Therefore, a reliable control terminal with perfect imaging capability plays an important role to strengthen the user interface interaction during operation procedures.The BriteMED® MMS-21CHT, a 21.5” medical monitor, is equipped with PCAP touch screen for easy operation by latex gloves. The full HD high resolution and DICOM/Gamma compliance enable doctors to view image details and access rich information. Combining the BriteMED® HTB-100, a fanless medical PC with expandable system of video graphic cards creates a high-performance image computing and controlling unit for robotic surgery system.

Surgical Robot Control Terminal
Surgical Robot Control Terminal

Surgical Robot Control Terminal

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