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Tele-imaging Workstation Enhances Diagnosis Efficiency

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BriteMED's Touch Medical Monitor and Medical Box PC

Tele-consultation and tele-imaging become one of the developing applications during the pandemic, to provide professional diagnosis via no physical face-to-face interaction between patients and doctors. Portable ultrasound, digital stethoscope, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, and other digital scopes are usually applied to assess patient's health condition at local clinics or community hospitals. Those modality images are transmitted to remote specialist hospitals for diagnosis. The tele-consultation procedure helps patients who reside in remote areas now receive quality medical service without time-consuming waiting and transportation disadvantage. Immediate diagnosis and medication adjustment can be made through live interaction and real-time assessment based on the shared image from local clinics. The display quality, including grayscale and color reproduction and the imaging consistency, becomes one of the essential factor to ensure a correct decision and an effective follow-up treatment.

BriteMED provides a point-of-care telemedicine workstation, integrating the BriteMED medical touch monitor, medical box PC, and camera, satisfying the all-in-one imaging process requirement. The FHD resolution and DICOM/GAMMA compliance of BriteMED touch monitor reproduce the precise color and grayscale imaging. The user-adjusted color temperature, sharpness, and brightness enhance the optimal color performance according to different types of imaging. GPs at patient side, on the benefits of these features, can discuss with specialist doctors by the precise image quality. The high-performance fanless medical box PC, with expansion options for capture card or graphic card, can process more complicated tele-consultation procedures which require higher imaging quality.

BriteMED 21" Touch Medical Monitor
BriteMED 21" Touch Medical Monitor

21" Medical HMI Monitor

21" high-resolution touch screen monitor for HMI use in medical application

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