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Celsius42 and Lootah Group enter into strategic alliance

Celsius42 Press Release Team
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Medical technology on track for further expansion

Celsius42 GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of hyperthermia systems for use in oncology, has entered into a far-reaching, long-term strategic cooperation with the Lootah Group from Dubai.

Both companies perceive the use of hyperthermia as a versatile vision for the treatment of cancer that is particularly beneficial for patients. Cancer is a health concern that is not just present in Europe, but also “shows increasing growth rates in the Middle East,” says Ibrahim Saeed Lootah, the Chairman of the Lootah Group.

“The cooperation will give our company access to new markets and a healthcare system that is fundamentally different from the one we know in Europe,” says Christian Hartmann, the CEO of Celsius42. “The contacts of the Lootah Group and its financial resources will provide us with completely new opportunities to further expand our strategic growth. In addition to our subsidiary in Seoul, which is our business hub in Asia, our future office in Dubai will become our business hub to realize our growth objectives in the Middle East, Africa and India.”

The Lootah Group has pursued opportunities in the area of medical technology and general medicine for some time. Thus, the company established the first medical university for women in Dubai, which has grown into one of the most successful internationally recognized schools of medicine in the Middle East. In the partnership with the Lootah Group, Celsius42 plans to establish hyperthermia – as a complementary treatment together with radiation and chemotherapy – as an integral part of medical training and will even set up dedicated cancer therapy centers as an investor and specialist in Building and Construction. The goal is to build a vision for the future, to benefit patients in the shared fight against cancer.


Celsius42 GmbH is a globally operating sales and service organization. With its Celsius TCS hyperthermia system for regional hyperthermia treatment, it provides hospitals and oncology outpatient centers with innovative medical technology for cancer therapy. In its capacity as a development, manufacturing, sales and service company, Celsius42 forms an ideal symbiosis with its parent company, BYTEC Med, in the successful fight against cancer.

Lootah Group

The Lootah Group under the leadership of Ibrahim Saeed Lootah is considered a pioneer in a wide range of key technologies in the Middle East and in African countries. As an investment group with over 37 production sites and a Dubai-based school of medicine of its own with an adjoining training hospital, the Group has the relevant structures and international contacts to leave its mark in the area of medicine and training in the Middle East and Africa.

Celsius42 and Lootah Group enter into strategic alliance

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