Clarius Introduces Pocket Ultrasound Tri-Scanner

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Portable, wireless scanner images virtually all body parts

Clarius Mobile Health, a healthcare technology company, has a new option for customers who only want to carry one multi-purpose ultrasound scanner in their pocket. Clarius Clip-ons transform a scanner that is typically used to scan deep structures within the abdomen, to one that can also scan superficial anatomy and even the heart.

“Clarius Clip-ons are ideal for first responders, emergency medicine physicians and specialists who move quickly from patient to patient and scan various parts of the body,” said Dave Willis, Chief Strategy Officer at Clarius Mobile Health. “Users can switch from scanning the abdomen to the extremities by simply adding a clip-on to the Clarius C3 Scanner and selecting the appropriate setting on the Clarius App.”

Clarius Clip-ons are not intended to replace the Clarius L7, which is a dedicated scanner for superficial structures. They are designed to be used with Clarius C3 Scanners for quick looks and vascular access procedures when time is limited.

Clarius Introduces Pocket Ultrasound Tri-Scanner

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