Financing Now Available

Kelly Batke
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Own a new ultrasound scanner for £163/month

We are excited to share that we now have financing available. For only £163/month per month, you can now own your own Clarius scanner!

Clarius is unlike any other handheld ultrasound device. It produces high resolution ultrasound images and transmits them wirelessly to iOS and Android devices. With automated gain and frequency settings, Clarius is almost as easy to use as the camera on your smart phone.

Have you tried our demo mode?

The latest version of the Clarius App offers a demonstration mode that lets you interact with the App as though you were connected to a Clarius Scanner. You'll be able to assess image quality, make adjustments, take measurements and even save an image to the Clarius Cloud.

We invite you to download Clarius App 3.2 from the iTunes or Google Play Stores to experience Clarius Demo Mode. Once installed, the latest version of the Clarius App will operate as a functional ultrasound interface.

Financing Now Available

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