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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Expert Ultrasound-Guided Blocks for Knee Surgery – IPACK, Genicular Nerve, and Adductor Canal Techniques

Dr. Greg Hickman has perfected his block techniques over the past 30 years. Learn his expert ultrasound-guided techniques providing the best post-operative pain relief for patients undergoing knee surgery.

In this 1 hour webinar watch Dr. Hickman use high-resolution ultrasound to visualize target anatomy and optimize his needle approach to successfully perform 3 blocks prior to an ACL repair. You’ll learn:

-The innervation of the knee and blocks that are effective for post-op pain control

-How ultrasound is used to visualize the optimal site for IPACK (Interspace Between the Popliteal Artery and Posterior Capsule of the Knee) injections

-To block the superior lateral genicular nerves and to anesthetize the joint

-How to confirm accurate anesthetic distribution using ultrasound

-To identify the adductor canal and determine the best placement of a continuous catheter

Watch the webinar:


  • 2980 Virtual Way #205, Vancouver, BC V5M 3M4, Canada
  • Clarius Mobile Health