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Head to Toe Analgesia: Ultrasound-Guided Subacromial, Cluneal Nerve, Knee, and Tarsal Tunnel Injections

Renowned pain management expert Dr. David Rosenblum joins us again to show how high-resolution point-of-care ultrasound can improve pain management procedures.

In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Rosenblum teaches proven ultrasound techniques and show how integrating ultrasound can improve your pain management practice. You will learn how to:

-Visualize your needle and target anatomy for safe, effective injections

-Maximize efficacy by ensuring viscosupplementation is in the knee joint

-Deliver targeted ultrasound-guided subacromial steroid injections

-Inject the tarsal tunnel under direct ultrasound visualization

-Use ultrasound to guide cryoablation of the cluneal nerves

Watch the webinar:


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