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SPOTTED: omniPAGE Mini Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System

Our omniPAGE Mini has been featured in the following research...

Our omniPAGE Mini Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System has been used in the research of: Immunoprotection elicited in rabbit by a chimeric protein containing B-cell epitopes of Sphingomyelinases D from Loxosceles spp. Spiders. To read the article, please click the link below:

The omniPAGE Mini is the perfect unit for routine vertical electrophoresis using pre-cast or hand-cast gels. The omniPAGE MINI features injection moulded construction for leak proof running and a simple clamp system to ensure a tight seal between buffer chambers to prevent current leakage. Gel casting and running is done using the same internal module, no transfer of glass plates during gel casting necessary. The module features unique sliding gates, to allow very rapid set up of both hand cast and precast gels. Ultra soft silicone seals and pressure bars which surround the glass plates guarantee leak proof gel casting. 2mm thick glass plates minimise breakage and have bonded spacers for convenience.


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