DAS and team, at "Medica 2019

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Medica Exhibition in Dusseldorf 2019

DAS and team, at "Medica 2019" in Dusseldorf, introduced the added innovative features in its ELITE line open systems. These full automated instruments stands out for flexibility, originality, high throughput, easy and combined configuration for ELISA microplates, IFA slides and BLOT strips.

Along with the full automated systems, were on display the bench top instruments such as the renowned and most advanced Neo Natal bilirubinometer, ELISA Reader and Washer.

DAS, with its 42 years of acquired experience in instrument design and manufacturing, owes its constant success to a full commitment in R&D process, on behalf and with support of its customers. DAS exports all over the World and it is used to exhibit at MEDICA, Dubai Medlab and others. DAS production is always customer oriented.

Medica Exhibition 2019
Medica Exhibition 2019

DAS and team, at "Medica 2019"