NEW: LCD display by Dell

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Medical-grade display ideal for accurate review.

Meet Dell’s first medical review monitor to address common needs of a healthcare environment.

Superior viewing with precise DICOM-ready images

Fully cleanable design for effective infection control

Observe healthcare standards and improve efficiency

Superior grayscale viewing with DICOM-ready images

Dependable image quality: Count on accurate DICOM-ready1 images for precise clinical review.

Maintains brightness: Expect consistent brightness with backlight stabilization control.

Precise color: Each hue is constant across an ultrawide 178°/178° viewing angle.

Easily compatible: Display EMR/EHR applications on the 24-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Fully cleanable design for effective infection control

Stain detection: Identify blood stains and contaminants easily thanks to a light-colored exterior design.

Convenient protection: Clean-up is simple with this monitor’s smooth exterior, protective covered glass and a fully sealed design that is IP-32 rated.

Simple disinfection: Cleaning liquids with up to 75% concentrated ethyl alcohol solution can be used to disinfect both the monitor’s surface and glass panel.

Observe healthcare standards and improve efficiency

Safe and compliant: Meets medical design standards and safety requirements for medical electrical equipment with IEC 60601-1 compliance.

Secure and out of the way: Keep cables secured and fastened to the monitor with an active screw-on cable clip.

Full adjustability: Switch between portrait and landscape orientation to view images and records. Adjust height, tilt, pivot or swivel the monitor up to 60° left and right

NEW: LCD display by Dell

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