LED Examination Light VISIANO for clinics and medical practices

Derungs Licht AG
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The Swiss manufacturer Derungs Licht AG, part of the Waldmann Group, presents the new LED Examination Light VISIANO and sets new standards in efficiency, light output and sophisticated design. Unique aspects are the diamond shaped lens and concave luminaire head that allow for a surgical-level light field.

Extra-ordinary illumination:

The core part of the extremely high light efficiency is the diamond shaped lenses. The light optimally refracts thanks to the 365 fine segments. As a result of the specific shape of the luminaire head, a homogenous, 210 mm light field is created. The sixteen high quality LEDs establish a high illumination level of 60’000 lux. Excellent colour rendering (Ra> 95, R13> 90) ensures secure working conditions.

Optimal contrast sensitivity:

Thanks to two different colours of LEDs (3500 & 4500 K) and four dimming levels, the colour temperature and illumination intensity can be adjusted to each situation. The control panel at the luminaire head is ergonomic and easy to apply.

Maximum reach and ergonomics:

Spring balanced friction joints that don’t drop, enhance a comfortable usage. It allows effortless positioning and locking. The long arm reach and 360° rotation of the luminaire head allow for optimum user comfort.

Long service life and economic advantage:

State of the art LED technology and the unique optics reduce power consumption significantly. High-quality components made of aluminium and durable friction joints make the VISIANO a smart investment.

Approved safety and hygienic feature:

The examination light VISIANO is according to normative requirement IEC 60601 for medical products. This is unique in this class. The antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene feature reliably inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the surface. In addition, the fully enclosed housing prevents penetration and the formation of dirt.

LED Examination Light VISIANO for clinics and medical practices

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