NEW: LED130 Plus now available

Dr. Mach
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Another new item is the wall control by radio for the operating lamps Mach LED2/3/5 and for the Mach LED 130/150/300/500. The prices are significantly reduced: 690,00 EUR and 433,00 EUR. For the wall control by radio for the Mach LED2/3/5 only the cables for the power supply need to be installed. Therefore please see our mounting instruction, which can be downloaded from our homepage. The radio control for the other lamps does not need any cables, as it works with batteries.

Since the end of last year we integrated a 3-D simulation in our homepage. This simulation, also available as an app on your smart phone, should assist you to choose the right operating lamp. The several functions of the lamps are visualised, same as the two different ceiling suspension systems (full cardanic and solution for low roomheights) for different roomheights. Please have a look and try.

The control unit for our HD-camera system is now available as a wireless version. The effort for mounting is reduced much, as there is no longer a wall socket for the control unit necessary (see price list, page 20).

Further please consider, that the halogen lamps Mach 120, Mach 130, Triaflex and Mach M3 are no longer available from 2015. Spare parts, of course, are still available and can be found in the price list on pages 22 to 25.

NEW: LED130 Plus now available