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Distal Locking Claw Mechanism Removal Bone Cement Test

Intramedullary Nails unique distal locking technology using claw in Proximal Femoral Nail PFN, Humeral Nail for humerus bone fractures, femoral nail for femur bone fractures, and tibial nail for tibia bone fractures.

Claws are a new technology which makes it subjected to many questions: are the claws easily retractable? Are Dunitech nails easily removable? To clarify some of these questions, the Dunitech team conducted an experiment to show that even in extreme conditions claws are retractable and nails are easily removable.

Two nails were dipped into wet tile adhesive as their claws were open. The adhesive hardened in twelve days. And the first nail’s claws were retracted as it was already inside of the hardened adhesive. The claws were successfully retracted and the nail was easily removed from the hardened adhesive. Furthermore, our team opened the claws once again and the system works fine even when deploying a second time.

The second nail also stayed inside the hardened adhesive. It was removed from the concrete by breaking the concrete surrounding the nail with a hammer. The claws and nails themselves weren’t damaged after this experiment which proves the durability of claws.

In the end, it can be seen that the experiment was conducted successfully together with many other experiments and clinical research proves that the claws are easily retractable and the nails are easy to remove.

Tested again; claws are fully functional and easily retracted


  • Ankara, Turkey
  • Oliga - Dunitech