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Dunitech Intramedullary Nails with Unique Claw Technology

Cutting-edge Technology by Dunitech Nails

Dunitech leads innovative systems and aims to provide options for surgeons to excel at their expertise.

Even though nails with traditional distal locking systems have been and are continued to be used for a long time. There are some disadvantages of this system that requires an innovative approach to present a better option for both surgeons and patients. Claw technology is presenting a better option as it reduces the average surgery time period. In addition to this, using Dunitech Nails reduces radiation exposure time compared to other intramedullary nails which are using conventional distal locking screws.

Claws are titanium pins that act as anchors to provide a stable fixation, as well as other superior operative parameters.

The Claws’ performance was evaluated using a series of biomechanical tests. All Claws were successfully retracted after every test.

Claws have 6 points of contact with the cortical bone. The load is shared between those points, increasing the implant’s stability, and preventing secondary fractures and malunions.


  • Ankara, Turkey
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