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Model Maker

The EGS Model Maker is an Add-On module that allows the dental technician to virtually build models. In this way laboratory models are produced very easily, both internally and through other production centers.

More specifically, the EGS Model Maker is the tool that allows to design models, coming from intraoral and non-intraoral acquisitions. Optimized to be compatible with the widest range of production machinery, so as to create efficient models, accurate and suitable for any kind of working.

The EGS Model Maker is able to meet the rigorous demands of dental laboratories, which work with intra-oral scan, impression or chalk acquisition data, allowing the precise model design in a simple, fast and efficient way.

It allows dental laboratories to replace their manual modeling process with equivalent but digital creation for faster, cheaper and consistent results.

From an intra-oral or impression scan, the EGS Model Maker allows you to generate templates for different dental indications. Physical models articulated with cuts, with removable and bevelled abutments can be mass produced.

Thanks to the Model Maker module, DentalCad allows for reduced workflows and time savings: the scans are extremely clean, optimized and prepared for use directly in CAD construction. This special software allows the automatic insertion of precise friction bars that hold the cops firmly in the housing during articulation and handling.

Model Maker

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