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NEW: HF electrosurgical unit by EMED

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Atom is a compact device which offers possibilities which have so far been provided by large

and complicated electrosurgical systems only.

Atom is a system which easily adapts to the user. Since it is possible to configure in any way the available operating modes, each user can set up an electrosurgical system that accurately meets the actual needs and requirements. Based on the configuration options for each operating mode, the electrosurgical system can be freely adjusted to the specialist’s needs and requirements. With an innovative user interface as well as a large and easy-to-read touchscreen, the operation of the system is simple and intuitive.

Atom does not require any complicated pre-procedure configuration – you simply need to connect the instrument. The system will automatically detect it and adjust the appropriate settings. The device is equipped with SmartDevice (SDS) sockets.

Atom features monopolar and bipolar techniques in a variety of cutting and coagulation modes. The generator features highly-specialized operating modes, e.g. bipolar resection,

an endoscopic cutting procedure and ThermoStapler® - a system for sealing large blood vessels. An integrated argon module brings the benefits from argon plasma coagulation and cutting.

NEW: HF electrosurgical unit by EMED

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