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AQUA:MASTER E400 with new design

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Our long-term proven AQUA MASTER with new design

The easy way to flush over the biopsy channel

By connecting the AQUA:MASTER to the biopsy channel directly you can apply fluids precisely in order to wash away intestinal bleedings, coagulums or rest of dejection pollutions. The AQUA:MASTER is working with a quick action closure peristaltic pump, so that the disposable hose can be changed very simple and fast.

Product properties

» Peristaltic pump

» Adjustable flow rate approx: 490 - 1000 ml

» Activate pump by hand-switch

» Continous using via foot-switch

» Water bottle autoclavable

» Optionally activate by endoscope remote control

Technical data

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

Fuses: 2 x 1,25 A delay-fuse

Weight: 5,0 Kg

Height: 150 mm

Width: 280 mm

Depth: 300 mm

Supervision mark: VDE 0750 (part 1/05.02)

AQUA:MASTER E400 with new design