NEW: medical device cart by Enraf-Nonius

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With the EN-Car you are always mobile, whilst having everything for your treatments within easy reach. The EN-Car stands out due to its

stability. Move it-shake it-turn it, the EN-Car is as solid as a rock. This sturdiness is the result of good design that makes ample use of solid

construction techniques, in addition to the use of two castors with brakes.As a console next to the treatment couch you will find the EN-Car

an indispensable tool! With two trays that can easily be adjusted to your preferred height the EN-Car will be an asset to the treatment room.

Due to these features the equipment is always at the ideal working height, both in standing and in sitting position, so that the parameters

on the display of the electrotherapy-units are clearly visible at any time. All wiring and cables can be hidden neatly in the hollow frame. The

EN-Car comes standard with two trays (one of them including an auto-closing drawer). With the optional vacuum-cup holder you have a

convenient and neat storage rack for all the cups and the remote control.

The EN-Car is your companion for any piece of Enraf-Nonius equipment. For laser, ultrasound, biofeedback, shockwave or electrotherapy,

with the EN-Car you have it all close at hand. The EN-Car is an exceptionally stable equipment trolley on which you can place your Enraf-

Nonius therapy units and store all the accessories.

The EN-Car U (colour gray-lavender) is extremely well suited for the 6-series Endomed, Sonopuls and Myomed, as well as for the 4-series

classical models equipment.

De EN-Car U3 (colours white-dark-grey) is extremely well suited for the Endopuls 811 and for the new 4-series models.

NEW: medical device cart by Enraf-Nonius