10,000 VIO devices manufactured in 2017

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH
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Erbe increases production of devices

VIO: a milestone in innovation

In 2017, we manufactured over 10,000 VIO generators. This is a new record for us. VIO generators are milestones in innovation and a major success story for our company. They form the technical basis for our electrosurgical products and applications in the OR.

In 2002, we presented the first VIO generator to our customers. Following our successful ICC series, the VIO 300 D again set new benchmarks in electrosurgery. With the VIO 3, we were again successful in creating a decisive advance in innovation in 2016. This is accompanied by international design awards such as the Reddot Award and the German Design Award as well as a major sales success. This success was crowned in 2017 by the current production figures.

VIO: designed and made in Germany

The entire manufacturing process of our VIO generators is an excellent example for our claim of manufacturing our products in Germany. This applies to the concept and development through to manufacturing and delivery. Our VIO production is also a masterpiece of prefabricating assemblies and the purchasing and logistics necessary to provide hundreds of thousands of components for manufacturing the 10,000 VIO generators in a timely manner and adequate quantities and thus assure the efficiency of our production.

Erbe VIO 3
Erbe VIO 3

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