Learn more about our portfolio in Ultrasound, dedicated MRI & Healthcare IT - ESAOTE@Arab Health, #S2C50

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Join us at Arab Health to learn more about our innovative product portfolio in Ultrasound, dedicated MRI & Healthcare IT - ESAOTE #S2C50

ESAOTE invites you at ARAB HEALTH - BOOTH S2C50 (25th-28th January 2016) to show the latest developments in Ultrasound Systems, dedicated MRI, high-performance Healthcare IT and Technical Services Solutions, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment.

Join us and discover the brand new MyLab™Six CrystaLine a versatile cart-based system for use across a broad range of diagnostic applications, from General Imaging, to MSK and Rheumatology, to Women’s Health and Cardiovascular: combined hardware and software innovations to enhance the quality, productivity and flexibility of diagnostics in key clinical settings.

Come and learn more on how you can increase the value of your investment in dedicated MRI with the advanced EVOlution UPGRADE PACKAGE, the continuous improvement program.

Esaote’s products are designed and manufactured in HI-TECH PRODUCTION UNITS and start their career after TESTING and CERTIFICATION. What’s more, the products already in use are recalled for upgrading. It’s a renewal process, a virtuous cycle that follows the guidelines of the people who use them every day, and makes every generation of Esaote products better than the one before. It’s a process called EVOlution, the Esaote Upgrade Package DESIGNED FOR YOU.

In Healthcare IT Esaote offers SUITESTENSA: the extensive Radiology and Cardiology Information System and PACS for seamless integrated workflows processes in multiple departments, enterprise and regional network architectures. This platform is the most complete RIS CVIS PACS Diagnostic Imaging Software for workflow management, from Modality to Enterprise IT systems, implementing Structured Report, 3D/4D image processing, Quantitative Analysis software, multiplatform Web & Mobile PACS Solutions. SUITESTENSA's application domains encompass Radiology and Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Catheterization, Echocardiography, Electrocardiography, Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Breast Imaging, Orthopaedics.


Learn more about our portfolio in Ultrasound, dedicated MRI & Healthcare IT - ESAOTE@Arab Health, #S2C50

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