The New E9 Recorder : Built to last and be admired!

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The new E9 Recorder was born to be admired. With its strong appeal and solid and compact shape, it catches your eye at first glance and, thanks to the neat and streamline design, you will love it more day after day.


Everything about the new E9 Recorder is designed to make your job easier. This is the very first autoclave in the world with a luminous progress bar in the handle compartment and is fitted with a state-of-the-art E-Touch display.


The new machine manages to enhance the already excellent performance of the highly appreciated E9 Recorder, achieving exceptional levels of sterilisation combined with minimum noise and ultra-low consumptions.


The new E9 Recorder boasts the genes of its ancestor, born and appreciated worldwide for its on-board integrated traceability system, taking it to even higher levels.


Ever since Euronda first invented the completely inspectionable tank, it has continued to evolve the inspectionability concept. The new E9 Recorder, completely openeable and inspectionable, is proof of just that.

The New E9 Recorder : Built to last and be admired!

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