NEW: intensive care bed by Famed Żywiec sp. z o.o.

Famed Żywiec
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rails, which are the parts of a bed that patients and the staff touch the most frequently. The copper destroys up to 90% of bacteria and viruses on its surface. Silver nanoparticles constitute one of the components of the bed’s plastic parts. They prevent bacteria and

viruses from multiplying on bed parts that are usually difficult to access.

ACENS+ is based on the popular LE-13 bed. As a result we offer you a proven, multifunctional product that has been developed with exceptional care for detail and features a number of major advantages, like:

• Low bed position and side rails allow the patient to safely get in and out the bed,

• The double autoregression function reduces the load in the area of the patient’s shins and thighs,

• The position of a cardiac chair increases the patient’s comfort,

• A wired remote control and control panel mounted on the side rail allow the patient to choose the most

comfortable position,

• Adjustable bed length.

NEW: intensive care bed by Famed Żywiec sp. z o.o.