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HORIZON 300 : Electric paediatric bed with infection prevention control

Infection prevention and control therefore has a particularly important role

in paediatric hospitals and must take into account the needs and environment

of the paediatric patient.

Children are susceptible to infections that are prevented in older patients by vaccination or previous natural exposure, so the need to keep the clinical areas clean is vitally important.

The Horizon cot has a slim design and its surrounding is made up of PE plastic enabling it to be easily accessible and cleanable. Every part is composed of PE plastic without any joints and cracks which enable more effective, easy, and fast cleaning. It also ensures minimized area for infection to take place. Besides having 2 section platforms, it allows trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg position.

Its height can be adjusted with height adjusted side rails and two push system for patient security. Besides having CPR back section, it is easily cleanable. Its base frame is composed of one piece ABS plastic. It has user friendly push handles with head and foot board panels and 4 corner bumpers. It has holders for keeping accessories. The head and foot bumpers are removable. It is built keeping safety in mind (DIN 3263:2009-11).


  • Favero Health Projects