Ibex XD - Rated to 440 pounds

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The Ibex is a leap forward in multi-axial foot design. The innovative micro-slices in the Ibex pylon and the split heel plate provide controlled inversion/eversion for uneven terrain. The multi-axial design is energy optimized with a long carbon pylon and full length heel plate that allows the Ibex to reach foot flat sooner and store more energy. The unique components of the Ibex work together from heel strike to toe off to provide stability without sacrificing energy return. The Ibex foots balanced performance gives amputees the confidence they need to meet lifes challenges head on.

Features & Benefits

Innovative Micro-Slice technology for multi- axial performance

Energy optimized pylon/heel plate design

Carbon fiber foot/shank design for outstanding energy return

Adjustable heel wedge for fine tuning heel stiffness

Build height: 7.63 in. (19 cm)


Weight rating: 440 lbs. (200 kg)

Ibex XD 25-30 cm

Heel height: 3/8 in. (10 mm)

Foot height: (in shell to the mid-dome of the pyramid): 7.63 in. (19 cm)

Foot weight: (30 cm): 21.2 oz. (602 g)

Attachment: Modular Pyramid

Ibex XD - Rated to 440 pounds