Environmental Chamber (-40...+180°C)

FDM - Environment Makers
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For Extreme Test Conditions

This Environmental chamber is designed for all kind of conditions.

The thermo-glass door is made with quadruple tempered glass, in order to give you a full view of the internal conditions without penalizing your test perfomances.

The conditions uniformity during the test is improved through an advanced ventilation air system with whom the chamber is equipped.

This machine is automated by a touch screen controller, and gives your test the best conditions with also more control for users.

Set your test directly on it and push the start button! In the end, download the results via USB pen drive.

Last but not least, besides excellent performances, what other features would you look for in a machine? Easy maintenance for sure! We developed a way to facilitate the cleaning of the condenser and of the air filter.

Furthermore, the electrical compartment was placed on the lateral side for an easy access.

Is that it? Of corse not, we can also offer a full customization of the chamber, according to any requirement.

Environmental Chamber (-40...+180°C)