Spotlight at FSN True 4K UHD Medical grade monitors release

FSN Medical Technologies
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The very first and only 4K UHD Medical Monitors at single channel have been released;

FS-P3101D & FS-L5502D

FSN Medical Technologies has firstly responded with cutting edge visualization tools that will help make 4K a reality for hospitals around the world. We have the experience to design, develop, and manufacture medical grade monitors that present images with incredible 4K sharpness and color depth.

These True 4K UHD monitors, there are more pixels on the screen = and more pixels can show more information.

This means sharper pictures, and sharper pictures are what medical professionals like to work with during surgical procedures.

Indeed, our FSN’s True 4K UHD monitors provides 4 times more colors and sharper contents to enjoy.

Detailed picture quality makes it easier to see obscure surgical-site anatomy. Live surgical video signals in crystal clear resolution with wider 4K Color gamma; making possible the display of real colors on-screen.

Recently, feedbacks received from our end users from specific application such as GI, Laparoscopy and MIS, were their satisfaction on the clear and richer pictures through an ensured smoother transition.

The improvement over HD can be astonishing. Surgeons dealing those specific surgeries and procedures were highly surprised on the lag-free delivery of moving fast-on-screen-motions into a crisp clear and richer views to their eyes, which with other monitors found it hard.

The upgrade to our True 4K UHD monitors is not only about increasing the number of pixels but the phenomenon of enjoying a more natural, detailed and exceptionally realistic surgery images through its wider color gamma introducing a nearly perfect image color accuracy to surgeons.


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Spotlight at FSN True 4K UHD Medical grade monitors release

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