Capture Video and Still Images with a Tap of the Screen

FSN Medical Technologies
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The tablet''s simple user interface has been designed to meet the needs of today''s OR environment, where the hospital personnel''s primary focus is on the patient and not struggling with technology.

A key component of the tablet interface is the Dashboard screen.

The top section of the dashboard screen shows the status of DVD or USB media that is connected to the system. If no media is connected, then gray colored type is displayed. If connected media is detected, it will be displayed in green type.

The dashboard is where patient information is entered. Any images that are recorded are named with the information that is on the dashboard at the time of recording. This way the appropriate files can be attributed to the corresponding patient and doctor.

Simply tap on the dashboard''s patient fields and enter the required information. The dashboard is where image capture and recording is initiated. Press the capture button to record a still image. Press the record button to begin recording video.

The recording timer on the left side of the dashboard will turn red and begin to count in seconds, minutes, and hours.

Capture Video and Still Images with a Tap of the Screen

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