FSN Video Archiving Documentation Solution

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FSN EMEA recently launched a new solution, VADS (Video Archiving Documentation Solution), which is basically a video archiving solution with PACS connectivity.

• Consists of IPS700A video recorder hardware and software license for any Windows based PC.

• Receives patient data for recording.

• Able to edit the recorded video.

• Sends the video to PACS with “one click” after editing.

• Dicom formatting of videos and images.

• Original videos also stored in the hardware up to 1TB (more than 400 hours of full HD images).

• Video capture (photos) is sent to PACS automatically.

• Tested and approved in the fields

• Cost-effective and compact solution.

Kindly find attached more information and contact sonia@fsnmed.eu for any further inquiries

FSN Video Archiving Documentation Solution

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