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Enhance your capabilities using the Convert-OR Integration Solution

Stand out from the crowd adding unique features and benefits to your products.

Attaching our IPS500A ConvertOR to your products, will deliver the power to multi-manage your devices along with other equipment simply through one cable

(at any desired formats; PIP/PBP/Full/Raw).

Video Multiplexer

Instantly combines any 2 different sources at a single cable to the desired monitor.


It can be located/moved and used anywhere.


Accepts all kinds of Analog signals and converts it to Digital signals (VGA, RGV, CVBS & SVHS -> DVI and SDI).


All combined live images are simultaneously sent to the connected extra 3rd device such as Medical Recorder / Printer / PACS ready to use.

Multi Display Formats

All images will have the option to be displayed at PIP / PBP / Full / Raw format at any time during the procedure.

* A combination of up to 3 images on a monitor is available*


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