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Fujirebio Europe launches its fully automated Lumipulse® G BNP assay to aid in the detection, diagnosis and evaluation of the severity of heart failure

Fujirebio Europe N.V.
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Fujirebio Europe today announced the release of Lumipulse G BNP, its brain-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) assay for the fully automated LUMIPULSE G series

Gent, Belgium: April 7, 2016 – Fujirebio Europe today announced the release of Lumipulse G BNP, its brain-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) assay for the fully automated LUMIPULSE G series. The assay allows for quantitative measurement of human BNP in human EDTA plasma in an in vitro diagnostics setting.

“Having the Lumipulse G BNP test run on a LUMIPULSE G platform will help clinicians detect, diagnose and evaluate the severity of heart failure efficiently with test results in just 30 minutes.” said Christiaan De Wilde, CEO of Fujirebio Europe. “This is an important first assay in our Cardiac panel for the LUMIPULSE G series. Additional key tests are scheduled to complete our Cardiac portfolio within months, thus further enhancing the ever growing assay menu of precise and sensitive routine assays.“

What is BNP?

Human brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a 32-amino-acid peptide hormone mainly secreted from the ventricle1,2. It has been reported that the diuretic, natriuretic, and vasodilatory actions of this hormone have ameliorating effects on heart failure by antagonizing the renin-angiotensin and sympathetic nervous systems3.

Because the plasma levels of BNP are elevated in patients with acute and chronic heart failure in proportion to the severity, while they are extremely low in healthy individuals, BNP measurement is highly useful in the diagnosis of heart failure4,5.


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5.ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure 2012, European Heart Journal (2012) 33, 1787–1847.

About Fujirebio

Fujirebio is a world leading healthcare company with a strong focus on high quality in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing and more than 50 years’ experience in the conception, development, production and worldwide commercialization of robust IVD products.

Founded in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan, and active in IVD testing since 1966, Fujirebio has over the years concluded a number of successful acquisitions of best-in-class IVD companies. Examples include Centocor Diagnostics in 1998, CanAg Diagnostics in 2006 and Innogenetics in 2010. Today, Fujirebio’s global presence includes offices in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia as well as a vast international distribution network.

Fujirebio has a strong and long-lasting tradition of collaborating with experts in the worldwide clinical community in the development of high-quality routine and truly novel biomarkers. Its IVD product lines span the range from specialized manual and automated testing to fully automated routine clinical laboratory testing solutions. The company offers both novel and state-of-the-art biomarkers that cover a variety of disease states.

Fujirebio is today a fully owned subsidiary of Miraca Holdings (listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange - MRCHF) and employs more than 1.200 people in Asia, Europe and America, including subsidiaries.

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Loading of sample tubes in the LUMIPULSE G1200
Loading of sample tubes in the LUMIPULSE G1200

Unique Lumipulse G mono test cartridge

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