A story about a tattooist

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A story about the tattoo chair

This is a story about a tattoo artist, a story that is full of positive energy.

Each pattern has a soul, a story that belongs to it, the pattern shines because of the story, and the story is immortal because of this pattern.

There is such a tattoo artist who lost one of his arms in an accident, and the consequences of a tattooist who lost an arm is equivalent to the star who ruin his face. In such an environment, everyone thought that he would give up the tattoo profession since then, after all, this is too hard to do it. However, when everyone thought he was going to give up, he resolutely said that he lived for tattoos in this life. Although he lost an arm, as long as the other arm can continue to use, he will not give up the tattoo business.

With the love of the tattoo business, with a fiery heart, with his own dedication to this belief, step by step efforts, finally he succeeded. With an arm, also made a lot of good tattoo works, called "one-armed tattoo artist." It is a sad story at first but have a good ending. Every pattern engraved on the body represents a love for the tattoo business, and each piece represents a different story. Remembrance of the past lover, cherish the present, cherish all the people and things that you want to commemorate, and so on.

In view of the respect for the profession of tattoo artists, we have developed a variety of tattoo products based on ergonomics, including tattoo beds, brackets, master chairs,tray, all-in-one workstation, tool carts, and one-stop services. Fully meet the needs of tattooists. There is a dream to chase, on the way to chase dreams, our DongPin give you strength.

A story about a tattooist

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