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The feedback of the pedicure chair

Happy to know that our customer love our products

“I loved this product !! just what I thought !! It covered all my expectations.Easy to assemble and easy to operate, all the functions meet our requirements but a little bit heavy” this is the estimate from our United state customer who open a salon shop. The pedicure chair picture also took in her shop, she said all the customers love this chair and said will come back soon because of the comfortable chair. Thanks for the pedicure chair which make a big business for her.

Let me show you about this pedicure chair.

1.This chair include massage and pedicure function, hot and cold water change freely.

2.Use the acrylic club basin which make a big support.

3.Use PU leather cover, color is optional,armrests lift up/down for easy access.

4.Moved forward/backward, reclined/inclined by remote control.

5.Kneading massage for neck, back and waist.

6.Vibration massage at seat for thigh and buttocks.

7.With complete gravity drainage system.

The end but not the least, thanks for our customer’s feedback and the high estimate for our products. If you want the beauty and medical products please contact us. Our professionalism, for your appreciation.


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  • Dongpin