HBD Metal 3D Printing in Dental Application

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HBD metal priting for crowns, bridges, partial dentures etc

Dental crowns are unique for each patient are unique, dentists and dental technicians need to spend same time to make customized crowns for each patients. They have longed for a solution which would save them time and efforts to make perfect crowns for each patient.

HBD metal 3D printer has answer for this question. As we have abundant experience in dental applications, so we would be proud to offer sophiscated solution to dental laboratories. HBD metal 3D printers could print crowns, bridges, partial dentures, implant bars, spacers etc. In deep collaboration with Materialise, HBD has offered hundreds of dental laboratories with more efficient and economical ways to produce dental parts. In the meantime, reworks are much decreased because the printed parts are exactly what designer do with CAD software, such as exoCad and 3 Shape.

With HBD metal 3D printers, the traditional ways of casting have been updated to the model digital dentistry. Less workload in need, while with higher productivity output and more profit.

HBD Metal 3D Printing in Dental Application

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