h/p/ cosmos presents speedzone

Andreas Klimm
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the new training system to improve reaction, speed, agility & endurance

The new speedzone agility and speed training system has been launched by h/p/cosmos during FIBO exhibition in Cologne.

Celebrating 30 years (1988 until 2018) h/p/cosmos is presenting an outstanding performance diagnostics and performance enhancement tool with speedzone, a new component in the SpeedLab concept.

Advanced laser technology used in speedzone allows to define almost unlimited variations of training areas, movement patterns and shapes of target fields. Among the unique features are, that almost all types of existing floors can be used for the target fields. It can be a conventionally sports hall floor, wood, athletic floor, artificial turf, tennis court, real grass and even ice where the target zones are marked and calibrated either with paint or stickers. So no electric contact mats or cables are required due to the laser technology. The tower of speedzone can even easily be dismantled and relocated to other sites, making the speedzone independent from the location.

h/p/cosmos speedzone
h/p/cosmos speedzone

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