Patient Care Cart

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Patient Care Cart

- Proline cabinet design

Strong body and front made from melamine

board incl. a 2 mm thick protection layer

  and ABS edge strip, scratch- and waterproof.

  Hygienic construction by smooth surfaces,

integrated formfitted hinges, double pressed

body with sealed and screwless connections

to perform reliability and durable function.

- Body and edge: ice blue (7180BS )

- carriage with bumper protection function

polyethylene, all of a piece

color: light gray

- 4 special designed swivel castors, 2 with brake

wheel diameter 125 mm

tread: thermoplastic rubber, gray non-marking

ball bearing

caster housing: polyamide

- Cart dimensions: approx. 680 x 634 mm (W x D)

working height: approx. 1116 mm


- Left side one push bar (PXSB23N)

made of stainless steel

Left side:

- 1 pair of universal hooks (PXAH)

for side storage accessories

Right side:

- 1 fold down side shelf

dimensions: approx. 496 x 455 mm (W x D)

Decor and edge: ice blue (7180BS )

Backside: accommodation for overbridge norm rail


Cabinet design from top to bottom:

- 1 drawer, height approx. 128 mm (2 HE)

with bow handle (stainless steel look)

Decor and edge: lavender (8536BS )

- 1 drawer, height approx. 192 mm (3 HE)

with bow handle (stainless steel look)

Decor and edge: ice blue (7180BS )

- 1 cabinet with two leaf doors

height approx. 576 mm (9 HE)

with bow handle (stainless steel look)

left door with aluminium door strip

Decor and edge: ice blue (7180BS )

with 1 shelf inside

- all drawers with full pullout, self-closing and

soft-close damping

Patient Care Cart
Patient Care Cart

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