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KANGJI 2021 annual report

2021 annual report

Our 2021 annual report was released and we feel there is much to be excited about. Despite various challenges posed by Covid-19, the extraordinary efforts from our partners and employees around the globe led to a year of considerable achievements for Kangji Medical.

We have several takeaways for you to find more details on our organic growth amidst the great epidemic period in 2021, also our pipeline & solution strategies and performance outlook in 2022.

As a medtech company focused on MISIA, Kangji Medical is devoted to developing, manufacturing, and delivering solutions and products with effectiveness and reliability for surgeons globally. We'll further cement our position as a leading Total MIS Solution Provider to bring values with constant efforts and innovation for our customers and stakeholders.

2021 annual report


  • Chun Jiang Dong Lu, Tong Lu Xian, Hang Zhou Shi, Zhe Jiang Sheng, China
  • Hangzhou Kangji Medical Instruments