Herolab /Germany: Centrifuges UniCen M and UniCen MR

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UniCen M and the refrigerated version UniCen MR are the bestsellers of Herolab.

With maximum speed of 18.000 rpm in UniCen MR (16.000 rpm in UniCen M resp.) these centrifuges spin very quietly. And RCF of maximum more than 30.000 x g can be achieved.

The safety of our clients is very important to us. Therefore UniCen M and UniCen MR have following safety equipment:

- Automatic positive rotor identification: APRI™-system

- Overspeed detection

- Imbalance detection and cut-off

- Mototrized dual lid-lock-system, motorized lid opening, emergency lid lock release

12 different angle rotors, one microhematocrit rotor and 3 swing-out rotors are at your choice with UniCen M and UniCen MR. You can use microhematocrit tubes, microplates or strips, but also tubes and bottles up to 200 ml.

A touch panel with 8 buttons and one knob allows a very easy handling. 9 acceleration and deceleration ramps can be selected. Soft-start and soft-stop are programmable.

Please contact us to get more information:

Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte, Germany


Herolab /Germany: Centrifuges UniCen M and UniCen MR

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