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Gloreha Sinfonia

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Bilateral training and AOT

A succesfull therapy has to be engaging, challenging, intensive, global and functional oriented.

All These features in the Bilateral modality allowed by Gloreha Sinfonia:

Hemiplegic patients can exploit their healthy hand to generate, through the robotic glove, a similar movement on the affected hand,

At the beginning, patients can observe a real video of the movement they are going to perform with both hands. Scientific literature shows that the observation of a specific action activates the same cortical areas of that specific motor function, helping the movement action plan and the neuronal plasticity,

The task-oriented movements with real objects, the mirror motor mechanism and the observation of both 3D hands enable greater involvement and a stimulation of the cortical areas.

Look at the new video of Bilateral Therapy!

Gloreha Sinfonia

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