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Ultrasound training in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Craig Park
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Mongolia Trip

Some of the BCF team were lucky enough to visit Hohhot, Inner Mongolia last week to check out how the veterinary industry in China contrasts with other countries where we distribute BCF products. Our in-house vet, Ben and long-term BCF customer and livestock scanner, Duncan delivered training and information sessions on cow, donkey, horse and sheep farms with as many as 10,000 animals on them! Animal ultrasound on the whole is widely underused in China and the course attendants were very eager to see how the Easi-Scan and Ovi-Scan could transform how they currently work.

With top of the range facilities on all of the farms, Ben was able to deliver theoretical as well as practical ultrasound training, allowing for the delegates to get hands-on experience using the Easi-Scan with BCF BUGS. Using the remote display, he was able to effectively explain what he was looking at inside the horse, cow or donkey.

The horse farm was most impressive with a five-star hotel, airport and race course on-site, the farm is a tourist destination and the horses are impeccably kept.

Duncan delivered intensive training during an open day on the sheep farm, home to 4000 animals. 100 visitors were on the farm during the training, including the technical manager for a farm which has 20,000 goats. The trainees were able to get involved in using the Ovi-Scan and Duncan was on hand and able to answer any questions, with the help of our Chinese business coordinator, Molly as translator!

With such large numbers of animals in China, some 14 million dairy cows, we are looking forward to developing relationships with all those we met and assist them in their ultrasound learning.

Thank you to all our hosts who ensured we were so well looked after during our visit!

Ultrasound training in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

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